Many options are available to serve you from phone consultations to on site consultation. We provide communication, coaching, & consulting to pastors, churches, denominations, and associations in the areas of:

1. Evaluation of Systems and Structures for health and balance around the purposes of the Bible.

  • provision of an in-depth look into how you have organized your staff; as well as, your volunteer personnel. Including how it meets your mission/vision and goals you have set for your church and/or organization
  • a comprehensive assessment of systems that you have in place, their effectiveness and recommendations for health and growth

2. Leadership development for pastors, staff, and lay leaders

  • mentoring for senior pastors, individual staff members, and/or entire staffs
  • addressing the needs of the church and the emerging generation and the leadership required to lead in this culture

3. Small Group Ministry Development

  • developing a healthy small group ministry
  • evaluation of current small group health
  • recommendations for future health
  • leadership training for small group staff and ministry partners

4. Sunday School & Small Group Development as a both/and strategy while being Purpose-Driven

  • if you have Sunday School and don’t want to give it up…then what? We have experience in launching Small Groups alongside of Sunday School and what you can expect. Learn from our mistakes and determine for yourself if it can work for you

5. First impression evaluations, ministry development and implementation; as well as, enlistment, training, and placement of ministry partners

  • Traffic, Greeters, Ushers, First Aid Teams, Security, Ministry Promotion, Welcome/Information Centers, Campus Cleaning, Campus Hosts, Response Card Use, and next steps.
  • Worship, Sunday School, and Small Group evaluation
  • Communication assessment

6. Follow-up and Assimilation

  • Response Card follow-up and how to use them most effectively
  • New Believers ministries – design, development, and implementation
  • Baptism Ministry development and tools for successful follow through
  • Communion Teams and how they can be implemented through small groups
  • Discovery / Membership Class(s) – assessment, design/development, and implementation of a discovery and/or membership class or classes as well as continued training and support for staff and lay leaders who are leading the ministry.
  • Implementation of an effective C.L.A.S.S. System as foundational steps to a healthy and balanced church (Purpose-Driven).
    • 101 – Membership (Fellowship)
    • 201 – Maturity (Discipleship)
    • 301 – Ministry (Service)
    • 401 – Mission (Evangelism)
    • 501 – Magnification (Worship)

7. Campus Organization and Build-out

  • Multi-site Campuses
  • Master planning
  • Campus Logistics
  • Sign usage
  • Informational kiosks
  • Technology availability


  1. Preaching
  2. Conference Speaker
  3. Retreat Leader
  4. Seminar Host / Breakout Leader
  5. Specific Need Training Events

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