“Figures” to “Faith” – a 10 year journey… the short story

A journey of living the past 10 years at or above 6 figures ($$) to living by faith.  God woke me during the night last night and began to have me write.  What you see here are my ramblings from last night. I have been needing to write this post for several months now; however, […]

Listening to God for Our Next Steps

This past week I spent several days in southern California with friends praying and talking about mine and Stephanie’s journey and listening for discerning words about our next steps in ministry.  You know that this isn’t always a comfortable place for me.  Being the tactical, church business administrator, developer that I have become to be […]

Journeying with Jesus often takes the road less traveled.

Over the summer months Stephanie and I have been on a ministry growth journey with the Christ Fellowship team, our mentors, our coaches, and family about life and ministry. We have come to a place in resent days where we believe God is leading us to transition from our position as Director of Adult Ministries […]

Lessons and Learning’s from the week

10.  Last minute plane tickets are outrageously expensive. 9.  We don’t give our kids enough credit for their ability to care.  Thank you Caleb for caring for Dad by taking care of mom, Josiah, and Levi while I was away. 8.  Father-n-laws are a lifesaver at 11:40 p.m. at night when you need a car […]

Lessons and Learning’s from the Week: Top 10 List

10. Take a vacation from your opinions. 9. Give yourself permission to dialog, not debate. 8. Be a co belligerent in the faith. 7. See the conversation over the conversion. 6. Never eat alone…always take someone with you. 5. www.churchrater.com is a really interesting website 4. Off The Map and Street to the Seat are […]

Lessons and Learning’s from the Week

10.  Life isn’t always fair. 9.  Everyone needs a Sabbath Day – It’s one of the BIG 10. 8.  I was reminded this week that it is important to find a rhythm in life. 7.  Doing a conference call pod cast via Skype with two of my brothers in different parts of the U.S. is […]

Lessons and Learning’s from the Week

It’s Friday, but Sundays coming…thought I’d send you my “top 10” lessons and learnings from the week. Nothing super spiritual just a few things that were good learnings for me this week. 10. wifi is a must for the entire universe. What did we do before wireless internet? 9. Having friends with condos in the […]

Life Learnings and New Connections

10.    People have no idea what it takes to pull off 6 services a weekend for 20,000 people 52 weeks a year. The online learning environment is the coolest thing since sliced bread. I have an entirely new appreciation for guys/girls who have created cyberspace as we know it.  I have no idea how it […]