Seeing People… Holes, Needs, Potential, Connections, and Ourselves – By Heidi Matson

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about seeing. First impressions and assimilation ministry is all about  seeing: Seeing people who look lost; seeing holes in our systems of communication; seeing needs; seeing potential volunteers; seeing connections that need to be forged; seeing ourselves more clearly-the list could go on. Jesus saw people. He saw Nathanael […]

Invest Wisely in the First Impressions of the Church

I posted on my twitter (@kerrymackey) back in the spring of 2010, the following.  In recent consulting I found it necessary to repeat. “Pastors, invest wisely in first impressions or no one will be in the seats to hear you.” Seriously, if we would invest the same amount of resources helping people bridge the gap […]

Has it really been this long since I posted on Street to the Seat?

After speaking today with a Pastor in Reno, NV. about Street to the Seat and helping them evaluate their churches need in taking better next steps in the area of First Impressions and Assimilation it hit me.  I am SO sorry that I’ve neglected you guys/gals here on Street to the Seat.  It has been […]

3 Purpose Driven Leadership Positions @ Highlands Fellowship, VA

3 Purpose Driven Leadership Positions @ Highlands Fellowship, VA Church Solutions Group is honored to be partnering with the leadership team at Highlands Fellowship in Abingdon, VA to help them find three new key leaders. The Place –– I In March of 1994, God lead Jimmie and Lori Davidson to launch Highlands Fellowship in their […]

A Better Version of You…

After 15 years of being a pastor and 10 years of working on a form of the “Grow to Go” matrix as an online spiritual growth plan, another tool has come along that I really like. We like it so much that we are integrating Monvee (@Monvee) into the Spiritual Growth Pathway where I currently […]

Why so many “EXIT” signs?

Have you ever noticed how many “exit” signs there are within the walls of buildings in general. It caught my attention today as I was prayer walking the church campus in preparation for our Christmas Services. Funny how city & county regulations require facilities to have exit route signs lit up all over the campus.  […]

A commonly asked question, “What does it take to be a First Impressions / Assimilation Pastor?”

That might not be the question you are being asked; however, over the years it is a question that I am asked quite often.  Let me be the first to say I don’t believe in magic formulas, but there are a few things I’ve learned over the years that I believe will help you as […]

Why Tension? Great quote from Catalyst Conference website

Sorry I’ve laid off blogging.  I’ll get back to it. I saw this today as I was getting ready for Catalyst East in Atlanta, Ga on October 6-8th.  It reminded me of what God is calling us through and to. We don’t lead from the safety of the fringe. We take up residence in the […]

Tools that you can not live without…

Over the past 15 years of being a Pastor I’ve learned a few things (and some the hard way) about having the right tools at ones disposal.  And being an old country boy like myself it is also a world of help if you know how to use the tools you have.  If you know […]

Always ask the question, “Why”?

One of my greatest learning’s in ministry over the past 15 years is to always ask the question, “Why”?  If someone is afraid of answering the why questions of leadership for you, then there are other things lying around that they are just as uncomfortable answering. I heard this poem again this week and I […]