“It’s hard to be NEW”… by Heidi Matson

It’s hard to be new. I’ve been the Guest and Community Relations Pastor (aka First Impressions and Assimilation) full time for 2 weeks now. I’m new to the staff and new to the church.  In my first 2 weeks, I have walked into the men’s bathroom mistaking it for the door to the kitchen. Yes, […]

“Guest Entrance Only”

I recall a church I was consulting with back a couple of years ago that had a sign above an exterior door that led from their main parking lot to the worship center.  It was a white sign with great big black letters that hung above the door and read, Guest Entrance only Now I […]

How we can serve you…

Here is a brief look at how we might be able to serve you.  Please do not hesitate to call (949) 682-5887 or email kerry@streettotheseat.com to book a healthy church consultation. ___________________________________ Many options are available to serve you from phone consultations to on site consultation. We provide communication, coaching, & consulting to pastors, churches, […]

“Figures” to “Faith” – a 10 year journey… the short story

A journey of living the past 10 years at or above 6 figures ($$) to living by faith.  God woke me during the night last night and began to have me write.  What you see here are my ramblings from last night. I have been needing to write this post for several months now; however, […]

Intentional or Natural Assimilation through the eyes of a Church Planter

Well, these past several months have been off the hook as we’ve planted  Hope Crossing Community Church in southern California with some dear friends.  Coming from the world of serving on staff with two giga churches over the past 5 years to planting a church from ground up has it’s own assimilation intricacies. My students […]

Listening to God for Our Next Steps

This past week I spent several days in southern California with friends praying and talking about mine and Stephanie’s journey and listening for discerning words about our next steps in ministry.  You know that this isn’t always a comfortable place for me.  Being the tactical, church business administrator, developer that I have become to be […]

Journeying with Jesus often takes the road less traveled.

Over the summer months Stephanie and I have been on a ministry growth journey with the Christ Fellowship team, our mentors, our coaches, and family about life and ministry. We have come to a place in resent days where we believe God is leading us to transition from our position as Director of Adult Ministries […]

A week in review while vacationing at the Hyatt Coconut Plantation

This past week Stephanie, the boys and I, as well as Stephanie’s parents spent 5 days relaxing near Fort Myers, Florida.  I am continually impressed by how important Customer Relations are in the resort community.  It seems they do not miss a thing from the time you step on the premises until the moment you […]

Intentional Assimilation

I was dialoging several thoughts with my Rockbridge Seminary class in the past few days when someone asked if I’d give them a thirty thousand foot view of how I might see “intentional assimilation”.  I wrote this little ‘ditty’ in 10 minutes so I’m sure it has room for improvement; however, see what you might […]

G2G “Grow to Go: Reaching Your Potential”

I am so excited to share with you how we have been unpacking the 4 C’s at Christ Fellowship (CF) in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  As you recall the 4 C’s are Communication, Connection, Contribution and Community. As we think through helping persons take next steps on the journey of faith see if this helps […]