It isn’t the communities responsibility to know where your church is located… it’s yours!

  I was walking our campus this morning with Heidi Matson (Pastor of First Impression & Assimilation – Friends Church, Yorba Linda, Ca) which I had the great privilege of hiring this month as we evaluated how we are doing.  As Heidi and I began at the street corner to look back in on our […]

Church seems tough enough as it is, why make it harder?

Here are a couple of thoughts I’ve had running around in my head these past couple of months.  We (the Church) have made the steps for choosing Christ and the Church way to stinking hard. Through our best efforts in assimilation and first impressions we have complicated ones realization of their desire for God. We […]

Innovating the Standard in Church Demographics – another tool for your toolbox

I came across MissionInsite while getting my certification to be a Healthy Church Consultant through the California Southern Baptist Convention (CSBC) this year.  It is a phenomenal tool.  I’ve used it several times over the past couple of months and the information that it provides is just what I needed. MissionInsite is Innovating the Standard […]

How we can serve you…

Here is a brief look at how we might be able to serve you.  Please do not hesitate to call (949) 682-5887 or email to book a healthy church consultation. ___________________________________ Many options are available to serve you from phone consultations to on site consultation. We provide communication, coaching, & consulting to pastors, churches, […]

Facing Reality… are disciples being made through the work of your church?

Jack Welch said, “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” I’ve found that throughout the years of serving in the church we have a tendency to say how it was or how we wished it would be… But how is it really… right now.  Are we […]

Spiritual Growth Pathways… Monvee & Grow to Go

Funny how time flies… I remember tinkering with a system of looking at spiritual growth pathways back in 2000 while serving at Fielder Road in Texas and then putting it on the shelf only to revisit it again in 2005-06 while serving at Saddleback.  Then again on the shelf for a year until really beginning […]

Community: Can you Belong before you Believe?

Well, I thought I’d step off in this one early by saying I think you can belong before you believe and certainly before you behave and/or become.  I haven’t always had this perspective.  For years I was trained to teach persons to believe, behave, and then they could belong and become.  I even wrote about […]

“Figures” to “Faith” – a 10 year journey… the short story

A journey of living the past 10 years at or above 6 figures ($$) to living by faith.  God woke me during the night last night and began to have me write.  What you see here are my ramblings from last night. I have been needing to write this post for several months now; however, […]

Intentional or Natural Assimilation through the eyes of a Church Planter

Well, these past several months have been off the hook as we’ve planted  Hope Crossing Community Church in southern California with some dear friends.  Coming from the world of serving on staff with two giga churches over the past 5 years to planting a church from ground up has it’s own assimilation intricacies. My students […]

Listening to God for Our Next Steps

This past week I spent several days in southern California with friends praying and talking about mine and Stephanie’s journey and listening for discerning words about our next steps in ministry.  You know that this isn’t always a comfortable place for me.  Being the tactical, church business administrator, developer that I have become to be […]