It isn’t the communities responsibility to know where your church is located… it’s yours!

  I was walking our campus this morning with Heidi Matson (Pastor of First Impression & Assimilation – Friends Church, Yorba Linda, Ca) which I had the great privilege of hiring this month as we evaluated how we are doing.  As Heidi and I began at the street corner to look back in on our […]

Why so many “EXIT” signs?

Have you ever noticed how many “exit” signs there are within the walls of buildings in general. It caught my attention today as I was prayer walking the church campus in preparation for our Christmas Services. Funny how city & county regulations require facilities to have exit route signs lit up all over the campus.  […]

Why Tension? Great quote from Catalyst Conference website

Sorry I’ve laid off blogging.  I’ll get back to it. I saw this today as I was getting ready for Catalyst East in Atlanta, Ga on October 6-8th.  It reminded me of what God is calling us through and to. We don’t lead from the safety of the fringe. We take up residence in the […]

Don’t out think your common sense…

Interestingly enough most of the time we out think ourselves when it comes to first impressions.  I’ve been guilty. Early in my ministry I didn’t spent enough time thinking through the way outsiders saw the church and it truly cost me in helping others take a next step. Around the ten year mark I probably […]

What is in PRINT matters…

Too often in the local church we fail to make tough decisions about errors we find in print.  It’s late on a Tuesday afternoon.  All copy was to be to the printer by 3:00 p.m. to be ready for the upcoming weekend.  We deliver it at 2:59:59 p.m. to our Communications Director or whomever is […]

“Guest Entrance Only”

I recall a church I was consulting with back a couple of years ago that had a sign above an exterior door that led from their main parking lot to the worship center.  It was a white sign with great big black letters that hung above the door and read, Guest Entrance only Now I […]

Always ask the question, “Why”?

One of my greatest learning’s in ministry over the past 15 years is to always ask the question, “Why”?  If someone is afraid of answering the why questions of leadership for you, then there are other things lying around that they are just as uncomfortable answering. I heard this poem again this week and I […]

How we can serve you…

Here is a brief look at how we might be able to serve you.  Please do not hesitate to call (949) 682-5887 or email to book a healthy church consultation. ___________________________________ Many options are available to serve you from phone consultations to on site consultation. We provide communication, coaching, & consulting to pastors, churches, […]

Who’s answering your phone?

Here is a simple first impression most persons never even think about.  Who’s answering your phone.  Nine times out of ten the person answering your church phone makes or breaks the impression. Not only who, but how they answer the phone is very important.  And if no one answers then the voice message is just […]

First Impression Thoughts for Easter

Here is an article revisited that I wrote back in 2008 as you think about this upcoming weekend.  I believe this continues to have value to this very day. _________________ In a recent national survey (2008), most Americans said they’d accept an invitation to attend a church during Easter season if someone would simply invite […]