Moving from Master Plan to Organic Community- Attractional to Missional

I read “Organic Community” by Joseph Myers again for the 3rd time and it has triggered hundreds of thoughts once again. Who has read this book and what are your learnings?

Book Review: Dan Kimball’s, “They Like Jesus But Not The Church”.

I’ve been preparing to teach an online course for Rockbridge Seminary starting January 1st and have been finishing up my reading. One of the books we are using is Dan Kimball’s book, “They Like Jesus But Not the Church“. Another is Reggie McNeal’s book, “The Present Future“. I have to say I am really enjoying […]

Book Review: REVEAL: Where are you?

Let me start by saying THANK YOU StS blog/podcast family for your prayers on my mothers behalf. My mother is doing great! and I’ll be headed back to SoCal Thursday afternoon. __________________ As I’ve been reading REVEAL: Where are you? it has caused me to begin to ask questions about churches I’ve served and am […]

Book Review: Dear Church by Sarah Cummingham

As you know I read a diverse group of books, some for which we will all agree with and others we might not; however, this book was recommended to me by my mentor Daryl Eldridge (Rockbridge Seminary) and I knew, “I must read it”. I’m not quite finished, but I did promise you one book […]

Book Review: Simple Church

“I’m a common man, drive a common van. My dog ain’t got no pedigree. If I have my say it’s gonna stay that way, Cause highbrow people lose their sanity. A common man is what I’ll be”…oh…wrong blog. Forgot I was doing my book review blog today but, “Simple Church” by Thom Rainer and Eric […]

Book Review: The Case for the Real Jesus

Well Lee has done it again. He has brought home another great read, but more than that it is being reviewed as his, “most effective and strongest work to-date”…”arguably compelling”…”an indispensable tool for all Christians”. I’d go one further than that to say it is an even greater read for those who are questioning the […]

Book Review: The Irresistible Revolution

Ok…so maybe it is not a complete review, but I’ve started reading The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. WOW…this guy is rolling. It reminds me of reading Erwin McManus’ book, “The Barbarian Way“. I am loving the read…you might too. Not that you’ll agree with everything, but we all need to be learning and we […]

Celebrate Recovery Bible: Just Released

I just happen to be setting at the Celebrate Recovery Conference and they have just released the Celebrate Recovery Bible. Way to go Pastor John Baker. © Kerry R. Mackey, All Rights Reserved

StS Bookstore on Amazon

Hey Gang. OK, it isn’t so apparent as to how you can access our StS Online Bookstore through Amazon, so your numerous emails say. My bad! Sorry for the confusion. The direct link is You can also click on “CLICK to SHOP ONLINE” in the right hand tool bar of the blog. The link […]

Worth the Read

Not that I agree with everything, but it is well worth the read. © Kerry R. Mackey, All Rights Reserved