It isn’t the communities responsibility to know where your church is located… it’s yours!


I was walking our campus this morning with Heidi Matson (Pastor of First Impression & Assimilation – Friends Church, Yorba Linda, Ca) which I had the great privilege of hiring this month as we evaluated how we are doing.  As Heidi and I began at the street corner to look back in on our campus we began to discuss how too often we (church people) believe it is the communities responsibility to know where we are.  We both looked at each other and almost in unison said,

“it isn’t the communities responsibility to know where we are, it’s ours!”

How often do we assume that everyone in our community, just knows where we are?

Too often!

Just last night while Stephanie (my wife) and I were sitting in our driveway an elderly man happen to be taking an evening stroll.  We said hello to each other as he made his way over to where we were sitting.  I introduced Stephanie and myself to him and he did likewise.  As we began to talk he shared that he’d been in this community since the 1960’s and was a Realtor until the year 2000.  That’s 40 years as a Realtor in this community and 50 years as a resident, but you know what really struck me…..  He didn’t know where our church was located.

In fact, he thought in just hearing the name that it was a church several miles away.  He went on to ask if I was sure of the cross streets I was referencing.  When I told him it was directly across the intersection from the Nixon Library and Museum, he said, “Really, I thought that was another old housing addition back in there.”

It is interesting how without knowing it, we have become invisible to the community.

Just a thought!

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