Archives for September 2011

“It’s hard to be NEW”… by Heidi Matson

It’s hard to be new. I’ve been the Guest and Community Relations Pastor (aka First Impressions and Assimilation) full time for 2 weeks now. I’m new to the staff and new to the church.  In my first 2 weeks, I have walked into the men’s bathroom mistaking it for the door to the kitchen. Yes, […]

Seeing People… Holes, Needs, Potential, Connections, and Ourselves – By Heidi Matson

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about seeing. First impressions and assimilation ministry is all about  seeing: Seeing people who look lost; seeing holes in our systems of communication; seeing needs; seeing potential volunteers; seeing connections that need to be forged; seeing ourselves more clearly-the list could go on. Jesus saw people. He saw Nathanael […]

It isn’t the communities responsibility to know where your church is located… it’s yours!

  I was walking our campus this morning with Heidi Matson (Pastor of First Impression & Assimilation – Friends Church, Yorba Linda, Ca) which I had the great privilege of hiring this month as we evaluated how we are doing.  As Heidi and I began at the street corner to look back in on our […]