Invest Wisely in the First Impressions of the Church

I posted on my twitter (@kerrymackey) back in the spring of 2010, the following.  In recent consulting I found it necessary to repeat.

Pastors, invest wisely in first impressions or no one will be in the seats to hear you.”

Seriously, if we would invest the same amount of resources helping people bridge the gap between what they think church is and what we genuinely desire it to be don’t you think more people might consider at least trying it once.

For the past 15 years I’ve spent a good majority of my time evaluating how the church invests it’s resources.

I must say we have not done a good job of wisely investing the resources God has entrusted to us.  What if we were to reinvest the same amount of funds the the following ways: communicating about us effectively in the community (oral, print, broadcast, & digital), making someones connection first rate when they arrive at the church (street to the seat), helping persons assimilate easily (clear next steps), and help them choose to be a part of belonging to the community of faith (fellowship/serving/small groups).

Pastors, just a thought to consider… What if we spent as much on your first impressions and assimilation ministry as we did on our worship experience & facilities?

Just a thought!


  1. This blog hits home with me because I saw it and felt it. I have been to the mega churches from the east coast to west coast and by no means do I mean what I am about to say in negative way. Don’t get me wrong, these large churches are making an impact and that is great. But, for a moment, allow me to paint a simplistic picture. Have you ever seen a bull dozer moving a pile of rubble or dirt? It definitely pushes a ton but on both sides of the scooper, there is always overflow and trails left of what got missed. Does it make it a bad scooper? No. It just means that no matter how many mega churches there are on each corner, someone will get missed and that is one person too many. I admit, I never understood the planting of new churches fully until now. Well, I have been in the mega churches where no one said hello to me, even after I reach out and mention that I am from out of town and it falls on deaf ears. I don’t blame anyone, I know it happens. I was some of the “extra” pushed to the side and was part of the trail that didn’t make it the scoopers pass. When thousands attending, someone is going to be missed if they don’t speak up. Well, I was blessed with an opportunity to visit Hope Crossing and see firsthand what Pastor Pat and Pastor Kerry are doing. I was greeted multiple times and was asked many questions and I tell you, I just felt at home. It was a peaceful feeling though so ironic to be surrounded by strangers but left feeling like I knew so many people there. I say that that they are not strangers, but new friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. The Hope Crossing scooper went by and scooped me in and they made sure no one was left behind. I know they are small and have the undivided resources to make this kind of first impression impact, but the impact and impression was purposely made and not just by default. These pastors bring a new focus and gravitational pull to the Word. They will reach the lost, they will reach out and make a difference, one person at a time. So, in harmony with Pastor Kerry’s blog, I agree, however one serves in the ministry, take the time to enrich that first impression, because you never know just who you may save.

  2. I agree with Darren. Some people still have apprehensions because they dont feel cozy with members.

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