Why so many “EXIT” signs?

Have you ever noticed how many “exit” signs there are within the walls of buildings in general. It caught my attention today as I was prayer walking the church campus in preparation for our Christmas Services.

Funny how city & county regulations require facilities to have exit route signs lit up all over the campus.  And in stark contrast they limit the number of ENTRANCE signs one can have visible from the street.

On a serious first impression/assimilation note.  How often do we find ourselves paying more attention to how we help someone exit our facilities than we do helping them find the entrance?

This Christmas focus on making your ENTRANCE (s) more visible than ever.  Do not make people have to guess how to enter your Church facility this year.  And don’t forget “finding the entrance” starts long before they get to the doors.  Think through signage at the street, parking lot attendants & greeters, greeters on the sidewalks leading up to the doors, and greeters at the doors.

Just a thought!

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