A commonly asked question, “What does it take to be a First Impressions / Assimilation Pastor?”

That might not be the question you are being asked; however, over the years it is a question that I am asked quite often.  Let me be the first to say I don’t believe in magic formulas, but there are a few things I’ve learned over the years that I believe will help you as you lead your church and/or organization…. regardless of whether or not you are a volunteer and/or a paid staff member.

Pastors and Organizational Leaders, here are a couple of thoughts on things to look for.

First, the person MUST be extremely passionate about making a GREAT first impression.  Everything counts!

Secondly, at their core they would rather die, than to have someone fall through the cracks.

Once you have that combination I can resource you with tools, coaching, and consulting that will only make your organization better over time.  There are no quick fixes; however, if you have someone leading the First Impressions / Assimilation arm of your organization and they don’t have those two character traits… you are in trouble!

Other thoughts that come to mind are persons with: a desire for excellence, a good communicator, an eye for details seeing what others do not, marketing skills, are responsible, someone who gets others involved, collaborative learner, a forward thinker, highly relational people person, ability to architect change, thinks on their feet, a net worker, understands/implements technology tools, and someone who sees what they do as a part of helping others choose Christ and choose the Church.

For more thoughts on similar discussions use the search feature to find additional articles on this topic.  One that comes to mind is the post in May 2010 on “Tools that you can not live without“.

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