What is in PRINT matters…

Too often in the local church we fail to make tough decisions about errors we find in print.  It’s late on a Tuesday afternoon.  All copy was to be to the printer by 3:00 p.m. to be ready for the upcoming weekend.  We deliver it at 2:59:59 p.m. to our Communications Director or whomever is in charge of printing for the weekend.  We think our job is done.  Then Friday afternoon comes and the bulletins, worship guides, preschool/children’s worksheets, youth handouts… whatever it may be comes back from the printer.

The print is delivered to our office for distribution late on Friday afternoon.  We decide to read through it just to see how it reads now that it is back from print.  And there it is… a spelling error, a typo, incorrect date, a grammatical error, an indent error, or run on sentence.

What do you do?

Too often I find that most will chalk it up and say, “Oh well, they’ll never see it” or “I’ll correct it when I do announcements”.  WRONG… they will see it, and they are not listening to your announcements.  If your lucky they will not post it to ever social media outlet on the planet or be seen as a newspaper clipping that Jay Leno reads to the world on late night TV.

If you see it… they see it.

Companies pull last minute print pieces all the time due to errors.  They understand the importance of a great impression and the lack of excellence when print goes out with known errors.

Let me encourage you that when you find an error even at the final hour… PULL IT.

It does make a difference.

Just a Thought!


  1. Vi Melton says:

    Oh, if only others realized the importance of the printed word. I shudder when I see atrocious spelling and grammatical errors in church publications and on church marquees. It reflects poorly on the entire church. Yes, I’m a spelling and grammar fanatic and feel it’s important, no matter your profession, to educate yourself in proper methods of communication.

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