Tools that you can not live without…

Over the past 15 years of being a Pastor I’ve learned a few things (and some the hard way) about having the right tools at ones disposal.  And being an old country boy like myself it is also a world of help if you know how to use the tools you have.  If you know me then you know my truck carries an array of tools, as you never know what you might need and/or when.  If my truck were bigger, so would be my toolbox.

So it is with leading… your toolbox needs to carry in it at least one tool for every situation.  And if your toolbox doesn’t, then you had better have access to a buddies toolbox within arms reach.

When you look at this through the lens of “first impressions” it helps to have a toolbox that has 4 compartments to it.

1.  Communication – these are the tools you need for effectively communicating with your community and the congregation.  Consider a balance approach… oral, print, broadcast, and digital.  Have an internal strategy and an external one as well.

2.  Connection – these are the tools for making first impressions count… such as touch points from signage, traffic, greeters, welcome centers, hosts, ushers, health care ministry, security, ministry resources, hospitality areas, etc…  These provide a warm, inviting environment where people feel safe.

3.  Contributors – these are not tools at all, but people and a pool of them that you have developed over time.  These are people that you have invested in, loved on, enlisted, trained and are ready and eager to serve Jesus by serving the first impressions team of your church.  And never tell someone you don’t need them and/or that the positions on that team are full… Your teams are never full.  VALUE your volunteers.

4.  Community – these are tools for helping people choosing Christ and take a step of belonging with the church family.  It can start with a connection card, a follow-up call, an email, a prayer list, a new believer class, a meet/greet with the pastor, small groups, discipleship class, retreat, conference, etc… These are the tools that help persons take another step in the right direction.  This is where we help them Become, Embrace, Live, Offer, Nurture, and Grow…

I love that God has wired me to be a thinker and I enjoy being a communicator, developer, strategist and organizer.  I hope that with the bandwidth God is providing me with to help pastors, church leaders, denominations, and associations to impact their community for Jesus that I can be of service to you by providing a Healthy Church Consultation.

I’d love to talk with you about how we can evaluate these 4 keep areas of your church.

I look forward to connecting with you.
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