“Guest Entrance Only”

I recall a church I was consulting with back a couple of years ago that had a sign above an exterior door that led from their main parking lot to the worship center.  It was a white sign with great big black letters that hung above the door and read,

Guest Entrance only

Now I don’t know about you, but if I were a first time guest you wouldn’t find me entering that door. Not to mention the door was solid wood, it was closed, and there was no window in it…. no greeter… nor any traffic moving in and out.  If I were someone unfamiliar with church and/or your church the last door you’d see me entering would be a closed, solid wood door at the back of your building… Who knows what’s going on on the other side of that door.  There could be holy people wanting to lay hands on me, sprinkle me with water, give me the holy spirit, pray with me, throw a bible my way, weird stuff could be going on behind a solid wood door that only “guest”s can enter.

And if that weren’t enough, everyone else entering from the same parking lot was entering a set of double glass doors about 75 feet away that had greeters, glass, and the doors were open.  Through the glass doors you could see the foyer, people laughing, kids playing, etc…  You could see life through double glass doors.

You never know how something like this affects others until another set of eyes helps you see it.

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