Who’s answering your phone?

Here is a simple first impression most persons never even think about.  Who’s answering your phone.  Nine times out of ten the person answering your church phone makes or breaks the impression.

Not only who, but how they answer the phone is very important.  And if no one answers then the voice message is just as important.

My wife, Stephanie has been the voice for Hope Crossing these past several months.  If you call her you’ll hear these words, “HI, this is Stephanie with Hope Crossing Community Church, how may I help you today.”

Couple of tips:

  • be cheerful
  • welcoming
  • courteous
  • genuinely be helpful
  • know all your ministries
  • know the contact information for each ministry
  • be able to answer basic information about each ministry
  • know what is happening this week at your church… this month… and over the summer
  • know who to direct calls to from local media stations
  • know your service times and what is provided for each age group at each time.
  • know the numbers of all your local support agencies so you can assist in connecting persons with outside help if your church doesn’t provide a particular need.
  • know local police and fire station numbers in case of an emergency.
  • know your church address and how to give basic directions to your facility.

One last thought:

  • Who answers your phone during service times?
  • People will want to talk when they think you might be there so having someone available during a service time might be of help.

These are just a few thoughts.

Please add to the discussion.


  1. All excellent points to use. After having been a secretary for 23 years, I came to realize each time I answered the phone, I had the opportunity to be of help to someone. I found that if I smiled as I talked on the phone, my voice came across most pleasant and inviting. I also found that not talking fast was appreciated by many people as it gave them the opportunity to know who they had called. Besides, talking fast gives the impression that they are too busy, really, to even answer the phone.

  2. For all of us that work with First Impressions, Guest Services, or whatever you call your ministry to your guests and your attendees. probably the hardest part of our jobs is keeping informed. We are always struggling to get current information to help us serve our guests well. If all of our church ministry teams would be proactive about getting information to us, it would be so helpful.

    I would like to share a way we are able to help answer questions on Sunday mornings or during the week on the phone. We have set up an email account so that we have the option of a “Contact File” in Outlook. Any staff person can have this email account added to their view in Outlook so they have reference too it as they work with people too. We call the email account “Connect.” If I have a phone call about “Grief Share Ministry” I can look it up in the Connect “Outlook Contact File.” It lists the name of the contact, dates they meet etc. We use the “other” phone number in the contact card to list when the information was last updated. So, if I open a contact card and find the information has not been updated since 6 months ago, I might question if the information is still valid. We can also store PDFs, etc. in this connect card. So, if someone I am speaking too wants the latest brochure on Senior High Ministry. . .it is right at my fingertips to email to them. This connect card system is so helpful too us. Our problem, is getting teams to keep us informed.

  3. Joe Hunt says:

    Speak with a little smile. The muscles used bring the voice into the “mask” – adding clarity and effervescence.

  4. Theresa Adeoye says:

    Find this educative.

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