Spiritual Growth Pathways… Monvee & Grow to Go

Funny how time flies… I remember tinkering with a system of looking at spiritual growth pathways back in 2000 while serving at Fielder Road in Texas and then putting it on the shelf only to revisit it again in 2005-06 while serving at Saddleback.  Then again on the shelf for a year until really beginning to unpack my thoughts on what became known as “Grow to Go” with the Christ Fellowship team in Florida.

The five purposes of scripture combined with 3 levels of learning producing 15 quadrants and 60 sub-quadrants of learning and endless possibilities of spiritual growth for the end user.  Using the data from Reveal and Follow Me we were able to work on some really cool insights dialoguing with the guys at My Next Steps that when paired with personality types and spiritual gifted-ness yielded a personalized spiritual growth plan.

It was a ton of fun working with the Christ Fellowship Team, Think Ministry, Big Bad Collab, and Skills Net on a dream I’d had for 9 years.  All great people working on a great tool.  After leaving Florida in late 2009 it was tabled.

This week I’ve had the opportunity to research and test the beta for Monvee.  I am very impressed.  It accomplishes everything we were working on with Grow to Go.

Way to go Monvee Team… I love what you’ve created and believe it too will not only revolutionize the way we think about spiritual formations it will create a way of spiritual growth that the church has been needing for decades.

If you haven’t gotten on board with Monvee… The time is now.  Be a part of the wave.


  1. Is there really levels of spiritual growth?


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