First Impression Thoughts for Easter

Here is an article revisited that I wrote back in 2008 as you think about this upcoming weekend.  I believe this continues to have value to this very day.

In a recent national survey (2008), most Americans said they’d accept an invitation to attend a church during Easter season if someone would simply invite them! They are waiting to be asked!

In another national survey, the Barna Institute identified five different groups of Americans:

The Unattached (23% of Americans) haven’t attended any church service in the past year. About one-third of this group have never attended a church in their lifetime.

The Intermittents (15% of Americans) have attended a church in the past year, but not in the past month. About two-thirds of this group have attended a church within the past six months.

The Conventionals (56% of Americans) have attended a church in the past month.

The Homebodies (3% of Americans) attend only a house church

The Blenders (3% of Americans) attend both a conventional church and a house church

How do the unattached think? The Barna National Survey discovered that they are:

– more likely to feel stressed out
– less likely to believe they are making a positive difference in the world
– less optimistic about the future

59% consider themselves to be Christians!

62% say they pray during a typical week.

The Survey concluded: “The best chance of getting the Unattached to a church is when someone they know and trust personally invites them, offers to accompany them, and they believe the service will address an issues or need they are struggling with at that moment.”


Ask someone to join you for Easter services this weekend… I bet you they come.

Just a thought!


  1. I believe we should rejoice for the Easter. Thanks for the thought :)

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