Words that drive me, “Is this what your Jesus told you to do?”

These were the words Matt Casper asked me in the fall of 2007.  I will always be grateful to Matt for challenging me.  I hear them ringing in my ears each and every day of my life since.

Is this what your Jesus told you to do?

Probably the greatest question I’ve been asked in 15 years of being a pastor.  I really believe it is what fueled my desire to plant Hope Crossing Community Church with Pat Giraldin.

Here are 7 more things that have fueled me.

I wish church were:

1. not just a sermon, but a dialog & discussion

2. respectful of my intelligence

3. not about a building

4. less programming & more prayer

5. loving and safe place for all

6. carrying for the poor and the environment

7. a place where more Jesus was taught

These 7 things describe mine and Pat’s vision & mission for Hope Crossing Community Church in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  If this is who you are as well… come be a “mover” with us.  Jesus was about a movement … not an institution.  Jim Henderson & Matt Casper taught me that… be a mover with us.

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