Intentional or Natural Assimilation through the eyes of a Church Planter

Well, these past several months have been off the hook as we’ve planted  Hope Crossing Community Church in southern California with some dear friends.  Coming from the world of serving on staff with two giga churches over the past 5 years to planting a church from ground up has it’s own assimilation intricacies.

My students at Rockbridge Seminary (an online seminary where I teach) reminded me through their postings this week of our longing for … biblical community.

I am also reminded of a brief discussion I had with Joseph Myers author of “A Search to Belong” back in February 2009.  Joe said, “Why do we work so hard to create something God created us for in the first place?”  Joe was referring to the time/energy the church puts into “creating community”.  Joe said to me, “Kerry, shouldn’t something that God created us to be, come easier?  Why do we try to artificially created something…?”

Just a thought?  It made me think…

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