Hope Crossing Community Church – Christmas Eve Launch

It is hard to express to you in words the emotion we are feeling right now as we share with you the vision God has given us for Hope Crossing Community Church, a new church plant in the Ladera Ranch area of southern California.

More details on our web site at Hope Crossing Webpage and on our Facebook Fan Page
Our Vision…
Hope Crossing is a Church relieved of imposed boundaries created by religion, rising up from a generation that desires hope and community, gathering together to grow as disciples, loving God, loving others, and leaving a legacy of love in the world.
Our Purpose and Plan are unified:
Love God – Believe – weekend messaging
Love others – Belong – community groups
Leave a legacy – Become – being the hands and feet of Jesus
Hope Crossing will live out the church in community as established by Jesus and modeled by the disciples. We will be a place where the churched, un-churched, de-churched, and all of God’s children can come together in gatherings to support, care for, and encourage one another. We see the church moving into communities and houses…yet still connected.
We see the church working towards three gatherings, a Believe gathering, a Belong gathering, and a Become gathering. The design is to connect the community and help motivate people to come not out of convenience, but out of desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. Church will be where we come to worship God, invite friends and family, and grow together.

The three gatherings will have aligning messaging with different deliveries. These gatherings will always be unified without uniformity, and each designed to reach someone at a different stage of their spiritual growth.

Hope Crossing’s leadership will be FULL of Jesus, FULL of vision, and FULL of love

for His church…100% sold out and committed to God’s vision and mission in the world.  Crossing over from what the church has become to what Christ intended it to be.

Here is how the vision came to be…

By late May 2009 Pastor Pat had separate conversations with two close friends who shared their impressions with him that by July 1, 2009 they felt he would have clarity about next steps in ministry. The answer came in the form of a vision to Pat of a church based in community – recklessly abandoned to Jesus. On July 1, 2009 Pat was called to move forward with the vision of a church plant in Orange County California called “Hope Crossing Community Church.” Since that day God has continued to reveal signs and next steps. The vision is being confirmed through numerous mentors, life coaches, pastors, friends and family to this day.

On August 21, 2009 Pastor Kerry Mackey contacted Pat to see what God was doing in his life. After sharing the vision with Kerry, Pat learned that Kerry not minutes earlier had been challenged by his mentor Dr. Daryl Eldridge (Rockbridge Seminary) to consider planting a church. Pat and Kerry began praying daily for God’s direction and timing of next steps. Since that date, God has given many signs to both Pat and Kerry as well as their wives and others that they have been called together as a co-laborer team to share in the vision that God is crafting through them.

We believe that God is calling us to plant Hope Crossing in the Ladera Ranch area of southern California. At this time we sense God showing us a vacant commercial property or school in the area. We have considered a former auto dealership unable to be rented and purposefully gifted to Hope Crossing for a specified period of time.

We are currently raising financial support for staffing, facility rental, utilities, and ministry needs. We are having weekly night of prayer gatherings where our core team is praying and studying
scripture together. Joining together from multiple locations over Skype.

Weekly we are having meetings with individuals, churches, and organizations of potential partnerships with us.

We LAUNCH…. Christmas Eve at sunset… location is still to be determined; however, we should have that nailed down in the next week.

We count it pure joy to be serving alongside each of you in ministry.

If you have any questions and/or would like to be involved in any way, please contact us at




We will see you Christmas Eve… stay tuned to our fan page for time and location.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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