Super fellowship with Wellington, Florida – GREAT ministry Team

This past weekend, Stephanie, the boys and I gathered with Life Church.TV Wellington, Florida.  We were so blessed to have worshiped with them.  We wanted to say thanks to the staff and ministry partners for making us feel so welcomed.  It is always a blessing to be greeted like family even when no one knows who you are.  Over the past several years of my ministry it has not often been that I could just be a part of the crowd.  It was so refreshing.

Several things that caught my attention.

  • access/signage was done well
  • banners along the front of the high school auditorium were HUGE… great street appeal and easy to understand where we were suppose to go.
  • ministry partners were every where (all wearing the same shirt)
  • greeters on all the side walks shaking hands.
  • greeter at the door greeted us, asked our names, asked how they could serve us today.
  • greeter walked us to the welcome center for more information, asked if we’d like our children to attend worship with us or with the children’s ministry.  This was HUGE for us because we prefer to have our children with us.  Our children (9,4,2, and 1) were welcomed with open arms into the worship center.  Kids were super stoked that they were given ear plugs as welcome gifts.  The boys truly saw it as a welcoming gift.
  • usher welcomed us and walked us into the auditorium, asking questions as she went about us, our family, etc… SO refreshing… you could see she was genuinely interested in our family.
  • Auditorium was done very well… love how they used pipe/drape to make the room feel more intimate.
  • Sound and Lighting was very nice – would love to know where they purchased their equipment.
  • Campus Pastor Larry Mayer, greeted us… as he could see we were a fresh face…  That my friends is a gift.  A Campus Pastor who looks for new people… passionate about his campus.
  • Worship was good! – visiting worship pastor from the area… my boys love contemporary Christian rock, so we fit right in.
  • Andy Stanley was preaching… need I say more… It was a word of Truth we all need to hear.
  • hundreds of folks hanging out in the foyer after the gathering time.
  • great small group information
  • great children’s and student ministry information
  • Loved how Pastor Larry invited all new folks to his home for the following weekend just to hang and ask questions… This is REAL!

Thanks to the Following Life Church.TV Wellington, Florida Team

We had a great experience.  When you are in the south Florida area near West Palm Beach (PBI) you need to stop in and worship with LifeChurch.TV Wellington.  It is minutes from the airport.

Blessings my friends!


  1. Kerry—it was good to meet you and your family last Sunday. Thanks for your kind words—it will serve to encourage our teams in what they try to do each Sunday.

  2. Larry, my privilege… Great to see God’s people “loving God and loving others”.


    Pastor Kerry (PK)

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