Customer Service – a back porch discussion

This past week I was hanging with some really great friends in the North Texas area.  During our time together while hanging out on the back porch at their house we had a great discussion on “customer service”.

Just a couple of nuggets from that discussion that I think are paramount for us to understand as we think about first impressions through the local church into our communities.

  • be easy to find (church contact information should permeate your community)
  • be the go to organization in your community (partner with your city, county, state)
  • be available to serve the community at a moments notice
  • be in the community conversation (you don’t have to lead it, but you need to be in it)
  • be the safe place for everyone in your community
  • be accessible
  • be real about who you are
  • be transparent
  • be servants

You’ll notice that this “customer service” discussion didn’t have anything to do with persons at your facility.  Customer Service starts long before anyone arrives at a location.

Just a couple of nuggets that were good reminders for me.

Hope you find them helpful as well.

Just a Thought!


  1. Ellis Hayden says:

    Really appreciated the insights from the back porch. Customer Service doesn’t just happen, we have to educate, train and inspire the servant attitude.

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