What do some Pastors have against us?

I was on the phone recently with a ministry partner at a church I have known for years who asked me the question, “What do some Pastors have against us?”  Not a question I hear every day.

Here is the conversation… the best I recall.

Ministry Partner = MP
Pastor Kerry = PK

MP – Pastor Kerry what do some pastors have against us?

PK – What do you mean?

MP – I mean for the past 10 years I have been serving in the local church and it appears to me that some pastors get in the way more than they serve along with us… and they are seldom satisfied with our service.

PK – Go on…

MP – Well, for example… there are several of us who had this idea that we were willing to lead, fund, and take charge of.  Everything was going fine until one of the the pastors stepped in and derailed the whole thing.  Seemed like he wanted to step in and make it his, take charge, run the show, call the shots, etc…

PK – So how does that make you feel.

MP – Makes me feel like if the pastor doesn’t think they are in control of every little thing at the church then it can’t happen.

MP – In fact, just the other weekend one of the pastors came by the Welcome Center and told me that their was just too much stuff on the tops of the counter and that it all needed to be cleaned off.

MP – So just for grins when the pastor walked away I shuffled the brochures around to different locations on the counter top; however, I didn’t remove any of them.

MP – 15 minutes later the pastor walked back by and said, “Now… that’s looks so much better.”

MP – and without taking a breathe the pastor said, “now can you get some more greeters at that other set of doors.”  I almost lost my cool, but I didn’t.

PK – I am so sorry for the way in which he treated you… it wasn’t right and I know how much that must have hurt you.  I am deeply sorry.

I wonder how often we as pastors and staff treat ministry partners this way.  I genuinely believe sometime we forget that we as pastors/staff are to be “equipping the saints for the work of the service”.  Now that doesn’t mean controlling their every move, nor does it mean treating them like throw away utensils.

It saddens me to think that we would treat our ministry partners in such a way that they would not feel valued, loved, and cared for… what a tragedy!

How is it that we have moved so far away from serving alongside of each other in ministry… we are all ministers… aren’t we?


No longer can we sit on the sidelines barking orders to “volunteers”… They are “partners” in ministry.  It is time we come out of the “green rooms”, “lofts”, “pits”, “boxes”, “bullpens” … or whatever else your church may call them, and serve alongside of ministry partners.

No Ministry Partner should ever say, “What do some pastors have against us?”

Something to chew on…

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