First Impressions Team Covenant – idea

I have had several persons ask for a sample First Impressions Team Covenant so here is an idea for you to consider.  Feel free to use this one or modify and make your own.

Team Covenant

In order to assure that our team is healthy and that we are accomplishing our ministry in a manner that honors God and serves the church, we commit to each other:

  • Pray for one another and to commit our ministry to prayer, knowing that we can accomplish nothing without God’s help.
  • Attend gatherings, notify the team leader within 12 hours of the gathering if we are unable to attend. (Phone/email)
  • Honor each other in our gatherings through open communication, respectful disagreement, honest feedback and confidentiality.  We commit to avoid gossip and triangulated communication at all times. Every opinion is needed and should be regarded with respect.
  • Be prepared for each gathering and completing individual assignments.
  • Track next steps and hold each other accountable for decisions made at gatherings.
  • Take time in each gathering to reflect on our individual and collective understandings, and to seek opportunities to share needed information with the broader congregation, always asking, “Where do we see God working?”
  • Maintain a positive attitude of joy and to enjoy the opportunity to serve together. We commit to have FUN in the process!
  • Commit to the schedule and time frame designated for my position after which, I may assess with my leader regarding committing again for a subsequent season of ministry.

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