Imbalance in the Sacred Space

I am processing through a continuum that combines two different ideas, Street to the Seat and from the Seat back to the Street, that shows the balance of connecting persons to Jesus and the church, and at the same time understanding the need to be other focused.

There is definitely an imbalance in the sacred space of the general evangelical world.  Let me unpack what I mean by this.  Remember, this is coming from the guy who loves first impressions and helping persons find Jesus and the Church. Not to mention, spending time working with pastors and churches on communication strategies, connection ideas, growing ministry partners, and leading toward biblical community; as well as, consulting, coaching, speaking, etc…

However, I would be the first to tell you that if our heart isn’t broken for those who Jesus misses most… we are missing it!  The Christian world isn’t lived in the walls of the church building… it is lived out there in the streets.  The imbalance in the sacred space that I am referring to is our self centered internal focus.  I recall years ago a preacher saying to me, “Kerry, some people are so heavenly minded… they are no earthly good.”  That old saying has resonated with me for over 20 years.  I would go on to say that we spend as much or more time within our church walls discussing, debating, deliberating on “things” that have no eternal significance.  I know so… I have been guilty of doing that myself.

It begs a few questions:

  • How can we do a better job of helping persons take spiritual next steps?  You’ll recall the things we have written on “Grow to Go” over the past year and a half… these are the type of ideas I am referring to.
  • What are you doing as a church to stay “other focused”… what are you doing in your community?
  • Are you ready to lay down the internal “stuff” of the church and be externally focused? … how willing are you to show up, palms up to every ministry encounter?

In resent weeks God has continually reminded me that to be internally healthy as a church we have to be externally focused.  We have to be mission minded, selfless works of godly art that He is using in our community to complete the portrait that He is painting.

Just a Thought!


  1. Joe Grant Gage says:

    Now that’s a good word right there. Let’s don’t major on the minors. The eternally significant things should be the focus. Blessings!

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