Leveraging Technology as a Communication Tool: Twitter, Facebook, etc..

I received a hilarious twitter from @johnnycr (on Twitter) today about “tweet to the seat”, and if you saw my reply you understand the reason for this posting.

Even though it was having fun with a play on words with, “Street to the Seat” it is a great reminder of the use of social media tools.  I had the privilege of serving with @johnnycr when on staff together at Saddleback so I know his heart in his twitter.

Twitter and Facebook have been two of my favorite tools.  And with the new features available with Google Mail Signatures it increases ones affect on leveraging these type tools to get your intended message in the right hands.  Facebook also has a feature that allows all tweets to show up on your wall in the Facebook platform.

To get a better feel for how it works create a Twitter account and a Facebook account and “follow me” and “request as friend”.  As I post, you can see how it works and I can talk you through how to use it as a tool to reach those who Jesus misses most.



You’ll also see that this posting will show up on my Facebook wall as I have my blog postings tied to Facebook as well.

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