Post Revisited: “They Know ‘Everything’ About You”

I received and email in resent days asking that I re-post a March 9th posting on, “They Know ‘everything’ About You“.  It was a timely email as I had just finished a discussion with a friend in communications asking ourselves how have we been surveying those who attend church on their first impressions.

Are we asking the right questions?  Are we providing them the most useful communication tools?  OR  Are we providing persons only what we think they need with our limited knowledge base?  We are probably not as good as we think we are…

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Here is the lead in to the original post with a  link to the complete posting from March 9, 2009.

Or at least they think they know everything about you.  The truth is they only know the perception of you and your church.

For the most part the people I interview on the street use the following terms about the local church… hear them out.

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