A week in review while vacationing at the Hyatt Coconut Plantation

This past week Stephanie, the boys and I, as well as Stephanie’s parents spent 5 days relaxing near Fort Myers, Florida.  I am continually impressed by how important Customer Relations are in the resort community.  It seems they do not miss a thing from the time you step on the premises until the moment you leave or at least they try.

Makes me ask the question why we do not take first impressions and customer relations more seriously in the local church.

Over the past 13 years in the local church several questions continue to surface in my mind, especially with my recent experience.

  • How can we help the church take a more significant role in customer relations with those who are our guests? (concierge at the condo)
  • What communication tools are we using and are they the correct ones to help meet their perceived needs? (oral, print, broadcast, digital media tools – quick reference guide at the condo)
  • What are we providing guests that creates connection within minutes of their arrival? (guest dessert with staff on evening of arrival, free breakfast in the foyer, etc…)
  • How do we help persons feel like they are making a contribution? (all guests were asked to hang their towels for multiple days to assist with being ‘green’, also asked to keep the grounds clean, etc…)
  • How are we helping persons feel like they are part of the community as quickly as possible? (the resort shared a listing of all the benefits available.)

Just a couple of thoughts I was having this week.

Thank you Hyatt Coconut Plantation for a GREAT experience while being your guest.  You made a GREAT first impression and provided GREAT customer relations.

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