They know “everything” about you…

Or at least they think they know everything about you.  The truth is they only know the perception of you and your church.

For the most part the people I interview on the street use the following terms about the local church… hear them out.

  • they are so closed minded, why would I go there
  • they are a bunch of stuck up people who think they have the answer to everyone’s problems
  • it’s all about what I can do for them
  • the church is always asking for my money
  • they think they know people like me, but they don’t
  • why do they need all those buildings anyway
  • they never ask me about me, only about what they want from me
  • I tried, but no one helped me when I showed up
  • I can’t find my way around that place
  • I wouldn’t know where to park even if I showed up
  • it’s too big
  • I have tattoos, and you know what church people think about those of us with tattoos
  • church is too corporate these days, what happen to the church I once knew when I was a kid
  • if I come they will hammer me with people coming to my door, phone calls, and emails

I know that none of us want to hear these things about ourselves nor our churches, but these are the things I am hearing on the street when I ask people if they have tried church and/or their experience with a church.

You and I know that this is not the expression of Christ that He would want those He misses most to have about His church… now would He !?

Just a thought!


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