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iMAX tool launches at Christ Fellowship this weekend. GREAT next step tool for assimilating new folks into small group community leveraging the weekend experience and teaching time as a springboard for community/belonging.

You want to talk about tools for building Community.  Check out the new tool we launched this weekend at Christ Fellowship.  The iMAX Guide is a great next step tool. __________ Maximize the Message (iMax) The IMAX Guide is designed to bring your faith to life! You can use it individually, as a family devotional, […]

Intentional Assimilation

I was dialoging several thoughts with my Rockbridge Seminary class in the past few days when someone asked if I’d give them a thirty thousand foot view of how I might see “intentional assimilation”.  I wrote this little ‘ditty’ in 10 minutes so I’m sure it has room for improvement; however, see what you might […]

They know “everything” about you…

Or at least they think they know everything about you.  The truth is they only know the perception of you and your church. For the most part the people I interview on the street use the following terms about the local church… hear them out. they are so closed minded, why would I go there […]