They know nothing about you…

Let me recommend that the local church take the approach that, “they know nothing about you” as we prepared to engage persons during the Easter Celebration.  We are 45 days from one of the greatest Christian celebrations we know, so what are we communicating to the community.

Here are a few questions I ask myself as we prepare for guests at our Easter Celebration.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means… just 5 thoughts in the area of communications that came to mind.

1.  How do they know we are here? (What is our oral, print, broadcast, and digital communication tools?  How are we flooding the city with our information?  Be as created and simple as you have bandwidth, but leave nothing to chance.)

2.  What tools are we using to communicate where we are located? (Multi-site adds complexity to this; however, with proper planning it can be done with great effectiveness.  Don’t assume people know where you are… they don’t!  Just go down to your local hardware store and ask the clerk where to find your church and I am betting they will send you somewhere else.)

3.  What times are our services? (You may find that multiple services over multiple days just might give more persons an opportunity to spend time with you…of course you’ll have to assess what is best for you.  Sometimes sheer number of expected persons will help you make this determination as well.  I pray that is the case.  Staying within your advertised times is very important as well.  Tell persons what they can expect.  Failure to stay within your allotted times doesn’t communicate well with new persons.  Some will even see it as the bait and switch, and we all know that isn’t what we are trying to do…right!)

4.  What can they expect when they get here? (Give persons an idea of where to park, who will be there to greet them and direct them to the worship center, briefly describe what they can expect during a service, you might even consider letting persons know what the normal attire is with your congregation, and if you are planning an after service meet and greet with pastors then by all means let persons know that before they arrive.)

5.  What is available for Children and Youth?  (Give persons clarity about what is available for their kids.  The worst thing that can happen is for a family to arrive thinking one thing and find out it something completely different.  And if you do not allow children of a certain age in the adult worship service, please be clear about this up front.)

Just a couple of thoughts that were running through my head… Hope they help!

Please comment with your thoughts as well.

Remember… Street to the Seat is a learning Community!

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