Archives for February 2009

They know nothing about you…

Let me recommend that the local church take the approach that, “they know nothing about you” as we prepared to engage persons during the Easter Celebration.  We are 45 days from one of the greatest Christian celebrations we know, so what are we communicating to the community. Here are a few questions I ask myself […]

What are you reading?

In a recent interview I was asked, “What are you reading?”  I am actually reading several books; however, the one that makes most sense to mention is, “The Rest of God” by Mark Buchanan.  A must read! Click on “STORE” at the top of my blog with direct link to amazon where you can see […]

Fish or Cut Bait – “Good News Fishing Ministry” chooses to fish

You’ve heard the old saying, “fish or cut bait.  WELL, Good News Fishing Minisry chooses to fish.  My boys and I were treated today to 4 hours of pure joy on the water thanks to Captain Don and Captain Tony of Good News Fishing Ministry. When I speak of the heart of Street to the […]

A thought for you fathers out there.

Long time no write.  Sorry about that. “Reflections on Life while Walking in Death” used to be the title for letters a buddy of mine was writing about his journey with cancer.  This past week he changed the title to…. “Reflections on Life” He went on to say, “Death can walk by himself… cause he […]