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How is the economy affecting your ministry?

With what we know about the economy and where the economy is headed how is it affecting your ministry? Please post your comments to this post and let’s learn together. Remember, Street to the Seat is a learning community so posting your comments for all to read is very important.

G2G “Grow to Go: Reaching Your Potential”

I am so excited to share with you how we have been unpacking the 4 C’s at Christ Fellowship (CF) in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  As you recall the 4 C’s are Communication, Connection, Contribution and Community. As we think through helping persons take next steps on the journey of faith see if this helps […]

UDFD Design’s put the face on Street to the Seat and saved my bacon by fixing my blog.

I can not say THANK YOU enough to Bill Jones and  UDFD Design . Not only did they create the look/feel for Street to the Seat, but when I messed up the blog in its entirety a month ago.  They fixed it. If you are looking for one of the most creative guys in Christianity […]