First Impressions – Whos responsibility is it anyway? YOURS!

I was in a discussion the other day about First Impressions when someone said, “Who’s responsibility is it? and “Who do I tell?”  I soooo wanted to say, “It’s YOURS” and “do it yourself“, but tried to be more gracious.

Here is the deal.  We can put the best training manuals in the world together, align every team in the church, and tell everyone in class 101 – 501 that everyone is responsible for making first impressions there own, BUT if we as staff do not model for our members what first impressions are we can not expect them to follow.

As you walk across your campus this weekend think about these things:

1.  If you see it, fix it
2.  If parking is an issue help someone find a place to park.
3.  When you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself.
4.  Help someone before they get to the Welcome Center.
5.  Take someone under your wing for the day.  Never walk alone.
6.  If the material in the Welcome Center is out of date, throw it in the trash.
7.  If someone looks like they need help, they usually do.  Help them.
8.  When you find stuff laying around, remove it.
9.  If the trash is full, take it out.
10. Walk your campus before, during, and after every service.
11. Pick up trash on your way in and out.
12. Straighten signs if needed.
13. If displays look messy, clean and straighten them.
14. Help someone find a seat before the ushers do.
15. Be available to give up your seat in a heartbeat.
16. Stop by every restroom in the facility and clean it before it needs it.
17. Wipe down every counter before calling someone else to do it.
18. Replace the paper in the restrooms yourself.
19. Look for people in need and serve them.
20. Come early and stay late.

Surely that is enough to get us started.  Sorry for the abruptness in my tone of this post.  I am a little tired today.


  1. Timely for me and my team Kerry. I will have them read it. If I were developing a Big Idea from this post it would be this:

    “Instead of getting a book on first impressions, do what you know to do.”

  2. Alan, exactly! Somewhere along the way we have gotten away from doing what we know is just right to do and begun thinking, “Oh, someone else will do it” or ” “Who do I get to do that for me, I’m busy”. I agree with you, “do what you know to do”.

    What are others thinking on how we train our staff and key leaders to do the same?

    Pastor Kerry


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