First 90 Days at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Well gang I am wrapping up my first 90 days at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with Pastor Tom and Todd Mullins. It has been a true blessing in our lives to join this team. You can’t even imagine all that the Lord has done in such a short 90 days. Just ask my staff. LOL

The thing that I am most proud of is that we have seen hundreds of lives changed in such a short time. OneLife at a time. I had the privilege of leading my first beach baptism at Christ Fellowship here in June with 115 baptism and in July saw 66 baptism. How awesome is that! The water on the East Coast is a whole lot warmer than the West Coast. Florida has California beat on water temperature.

Here are a few other things you can rejoice with us about. (no particular order)

  • launching our 6th campus in Stuart, Florida on September 7th (You go Matt!)
  • working on our new communication strategy with Cindy (Communications Director) (aligning oral, print, broadcast, and digital media)
  • we are aligning core values, purposes, strategies, philosophy, and implementation across our campuses.
  • we are seeing several thousand join us with our online community – Pastor David Helbig is here to help you make that connection as well
  • new welcome brochures coming out in the next several weeks
  • updating our First Impression Team manuals for all campuses
  • reworking our Response Card to get persons engaged earlier – launching new card and process September 6/7
  • rewriting 101-401 and putting them in 2 hour orientations (Pastor Lance Witt is doing most of the work. Thanks Bro!)
  • beginning to write 501 with James Duvall (our worship pastor)
  • our Community Life Pastor Reid Smith is rebranding our groups to “Life Groups” with a major relaunch of groups on September 6/7
  • defined our discipleship “matrix” with the team to launch October 1 (this is super cool… stay tuned for details)
  • addressing the needs of college, singles, men, and women in the new discipleship matrix
  • getting ready to open our new Life Center (125,000 sq. ft.) – October 1

Thought you would enjoy that. Wonder what the next 90 days holds. Can’t wait.


  1. The first 90 days already! Congratulations, Kerry. I said that as if it feels like you just arrived, when in reality it already feels as if you have always been here. You have truly touched the hearts of our people already, and your impact is being felt everywhere!

    Now to meet the newest member of your family…!

  2. Marla,

    thanks a ton. We are so excited to be here and count it a joy to serve with you guys at CF.

    Look forward to the days ahead.

    Pastor Kerry

  3. Nancy Stockton says:

    What time does church start for this weekend? Are you having a Christmas Eve service?
    We just arrived in Florida again and seeking information on your schedule

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