The Need to be Right

Ever found yourself defending a position just for, “the need to be right”.  Well, I have.  I was editing First Impression manuals (traffic, greeters, ushers, welcome center, security, communion, service coordinator, etc…) this week when I found myself editing them with a need to be right instead of how best it would serve the organization.

I was in the midst of standardizing the manuals when I noticed I was leaning toward positions of “being right” instead of what is best for all multi-sites.  SO, I stopped and started over completely with a “right frame of mind”.

The final work up is much better when you have the right frame of mind.  In addition, I turned on the “track changes” function and sent it back out to all the campuses for their input before bringing this to a culmination of the finished product in the next 2 weeks.

Sidebar:  standardizing these areas of ministry in a multi-site environment is the right thing to do.  It builds team, keeps DNA consistent, supports ease of enlistment/training/placement, allows cross training, and gives you freedom to share the work load among your multi-site campuses.  Not to mention that it fosters communication, connection, contribution, and community.

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