First Impressions and the effect on Multi-Site Campuses

I am so blessed to be in the midst of thinking though First Impressions and its relationship to a multi-site campus environment.

What does it mean to standardize First Impressions and all that that entails across multi-site?

I.e. –

Communication – oral, print, broadcast, & digital media (branding look/feel)

Connection – traffic, greeters, ushers, first aid, security, welcome centers, campus cleaning, ministry promotions

Contribution – enlistment, training, and placement of ministry partners and the need for cross training

Community – standardization of (Become, Embrace, Live, Offer, Nurture, & Grow)

What does it mean to have a standardized assimilation strategy that is organic enough to allow for real community yet strategic enough that follow-up and next steps are taking place.  Stability that creates flexibility.

The more I am researching the more I can see how standardization makes “intentionally”, “clarity”, “alignment”, and “focus” home runs for unity and productivity across an organization.

What are your learnings in this area?

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