Moving from Master Plan to Organic Community- Attractional to Missional

I read “Organic Community” by Joseph Myers again for the 3rd time and it has triggered hundreds of thoughts once again.

Who has read this book and what are your learnings?


  1. I just finished reading it, Kerry. I’m out of town and don’t have my copy with me, but I remember thinking that the model of building small groups was much more approachable and realistic. I particularly remember the definition of forced intimacy being akin to rape. Sometimes that’s how small groups can feel if you aren’t ready for that kind of interaciton.

    I was also thinking about this book — Jim and Casper go to Church. An atheist and a Christian visit some of our top churches and give their initial impressions Street to the Seat, so to speak. Definitely a must-read for you. Go check out my posts on it, and then order it from Amazon. It was nothing short of transformational in how I view church.

  2. Marla, good thoughts.

    I know Jim and Matt the authors of “Jim and Casper Go to Church”. I was with them last fall in Seattle where Tony Steward and I video blogged the entire conference. You can view those videos from my “Video Podcast” link.

    Search through my site and you will see several blog posts on Jim and Matt as well as an “Audio Podcast” I did with them in San Diego last year.

    You can also see under categories my “Book Reviews” where I highlight their book last year.

    Under Blog Links look at “Church Rater” that is a part of what Jim Henderson’s “Off the Map” organization runs.


  3. I too loved this book. I wish I had the book in front of me, but I remember appreciating the chapter on “collaboration vs. cooperation.” We in the church too often try to talk people into what we are doing rather than really collaborating together. It reminds me of the Home Depot slogan “You can do it, we can help.” Unfortunately most of the time we say “We can do it, you can help.”

  4. Thanks, Kerry! I will browse through those links.

    I heard from both Matt and Jim after my blog posts, which I really appreciated.

    I’m so glad we have you at our church!

  5. Brad, good thoughts.

    I been working on some crawl, walk, run steps for discipleship and love the “You can do it, we can help.”

    I’ve been processing in my head the attractional/missional discussion and evaluating what that means for the local church, multi-site campuses, and the standardization/contextualizing for campuses.

    It has really got me thinking.

    Thanks for joining the discussion.

    Pastor Kerry

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