Chat with Pastor Kerry Mackey everyday through Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s begin a daily chat. You can “follow” me on Twitter and “add as friend” on Facebook. These are my two favorite social media connections.

Twitter connection with me.

Anyone and everyone can follow my twitters. This is where you can see what I am doing and who I am meeting with throughout the day. I will also be providing ministry tips throughout the day as well.

Facebook connection with me.

When hooking up with me on Facebook please put in the comment section which church you are from and that you are hooking up via Street to the Seat (STTS). Facebook provides a “chat” feature that will allow me to dialog with you while I am online from anywhere in the world.

Join me!


  1. Jessica says:

    Kerry…Dan had to say the title of this blog with his best southern Kerry Mackey accent….he thinks he is so funny!

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