I have a list of potential ministry partners, “volunteers” who signed up at the Ministry Fair, NOW WHAT?

As an update… after last weeks numbers came in we had 1,026 persons step up. That is up from the 850 number I gave you early on. With this past weekends “Wired to Inspire” sermon by Todd and Shaun I am sure we’ll have hundreds more coming forward.

The million dollar question,

“What do I do with this list of names you gave me from the Ministry Fair?”

If you are asking this question it tells me that you might not have been as prepared as you thought you were. But since you have found yourself at this point, here are a couple of suggestions.

This is NOT an exhaustive list, just a few things that came to mind as I was thinking through some things our team are working on.

Tips for follow-up:

1. Email thank you – within 24 hours of the time they sign up you should have an email sent to them just saying thanks for their availability. Make it short and sweet. Give them basic information and let them know you’ll be following up with them in the next couple of days.

2. Phone call with 48 hours – have you and your “ministry partner” leaders on the phone within 48 hours saying thank you to ever persons for taking a step of faith and trying a ministry. Let them know of the upcoming training dates and times as well as reminding them they are only agreeing to try the ministry out. This isn’t a permanent position, but a “test drive”.

3. Letter in the mail ASAP – give them basis ministry description, roles availability, training dates, and contact information for their questions.

4. Training Manuals – have a training manual ready for every ministry position. Make it simple. Someone needs to be able to pick up the manual and have a basic understand of what it is you are asking them to do, how it fits the vision, and how often you are asking them to serve.

5. Next Steps – provide a next step strategy for those who are new to the church. I recommend at simple process like 101-501. We call it “Get In The Game” at Christ Fellowship. This is a great opportunity to get persons on board with the mission and vision of the church. It is imperative that persons get involved in your basic steps to assimilation as they are beginning to serve.

I’m sure we could think of another 5 – 7 things that would be great next steps as well.

What are some things that you are thinking of that might be helpful tips to our learning community?


  1. Very good thoughts.

    I would add that the act of expressing an interest is important information even if it doesn’t pan out this time. Making sure you are able to log their interest in a palce where you and other ministry leaders can see the date and expression of interet is evidence the person is engaged on some level and an indication of the kind of thing that is up their alley.

    Some of the above tasks might have been executed from that system, but I often find the information is cryptic and difficult to find. In some cases different ministries and events result in different ways of entering the information in the system.

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