Wired to Served…Wired to Inspire

We are finishing up a two part series by Pastor Todd on “Wired to Serve…Wired to Inspire“. Watch the series online at www.gochristfellowship.com Part 1 is archived from last week. Part 2 will go live Saturday night, May 24th at 6:00 p.m. EST

Here is the deal… it is imperative that we model for others what it means to give our lives away. You know that 1/5 of healthy is SERVING. I so believe in it that it is one of the 4 C’s for Street to the Seat – CONTRIBUTION. You have also heard me say you have a ministry in the church.

Last week during Part 1 we had some 850 persons come forward during our Ministry Fair and commit to trying out a ministry on one of our six campuses (Gardens, Royal Palm, CityPlace, Stuart, Online, Espanol). How cool is that?

Now for follow-up…

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