No One Ever Got To The Top Alone

OK… bear with me this is a long one. I am sitting in a hotel in Seminole, Texas on a 4 day consulting gig and I just had to write this post. I have been reading Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, “Leadership Gold” when I stopped to think of all the people who have help me get to where I am today.

So, I’m stopping right not to say THANK YOU for investing in me over the years. You have made me who I am today. I am indebted to you. My success is your success. I have never been lonely on this journey. You are with me and I with you.


Faye B. Mackey (mom)
Stephanie (wife) Caleb, Josiah, Levi, Silas


Mark Wiley, James & Gaye Calhoun, Ken & Barbie Stogsdill, The Kensel’s


Daryl Eldridge, Gary Waller, Ken Hemphill


Wayne C., Keven F. and their wives Jana & Regina and the ministry partners we work alongside.


Wayne & Amy B., Patty, Doug, Lee, Kristi, Rob & Donna, Jase & Tami, and the many ministry partners (volunteers).


Gary, Michael, Clayton, Jerry & Jerry, Dorthy, Ginger, Lonnie, Jim, Larry Dan, Yevonne, David, Analisa, Jarrod, Glen, Kyle, Elizabeth, Lee, Barbara, Kevin, and the hundreds of ministry partners (volunteers) on our team, and the list goes on…


Gina, Erin, Linda, Stacey, Denise, Dee Dee, Janelle, Susan, Carey, Lance, Doug S., Forrest, Jan S., Jan W., Clayton, Pat, David Upton, Eric, Bill, Buddy, Mike, Steve, Rick W., Stevy K, Rick M., Tim L., Tony Steward, Brad, Dan, David, Mark, Dawn, Michelle, Glen, Tom, Tim D., Tony G., Charlotte, Shaun B., Doug F., Doug H., Kurt, Josh, Jana, Dick, Tom A., Todd, Debbie, Louis, David A., David G., Ron, Jim, Liz, Bob, Tommy, John B., Johnny B., Kevin, Chuck, Matt, Dave, Curtis, Bob, Bob, & Bob, Justin A., Oz Genis, Sam, Rick B., Jon, Kathy, Jim D., Steve R., Skip, David W., Craig, Brian, Shawn K., over 1100 ministry partners (volunteers) on our team, and the list goes on…

CHRIST FELLOWSHIP (just in the past 2 weeks)

Tom & Donna, Todd & Julie, Dave & Betsy, Lance, Patricia, Kathryn, Kelly & Brad, Shila, Ruth, Reid, Time, Brian, Peter, Mona, Gail, Tina, Julie J., Angela, Christy, Johnathan, Matt P., Don, Jon, Shaun B., Chis, Heather, James, Greg, Jay, Meagan, Lenora, David K., Robert, Heidi, Yvonne, Bill, Leo Nathan, Jason, Joe, Jeremy, Cindy, Spring, Katie, Stephen, Keven, Danny, Joe M., Char, Michal & the twins, Debbie, Pam, Tom, Darvan, Pam, Dale, Daniel, Danielle, Ricky, Bill, Paul, Dr. John Maxwell, the ministry partners we are getting to know and the list continues to grow..

I can’t tell you how blessed I have been to have been taught by so many. These people have made me who I am today. I am a blessed man!

Thank You All!


  1. Fantastic post, many interesting points. I believe 6 of days ago, I have saw a similar blog. Does anyone know how to track future posts?


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