Leadership Gathering at Christ Fellowship and lessons from Jethro

Tonight we hosted our Leadership Team at Christ Fellowship for a night of food, tours of the new 125,000 sq. ft. Life Center and lessons from Jethro.

Now this is a great idea for you if you haven’t done this before.

Once every 3 to 6 months gather all your ministry partners together for a time of worship, fellowship, listening, and learning together.  It is a great way to build relational equity as well as to rally the troops and get face time with ministry partners and staff from across different ministries departments.

In addition, we used this time to introduce our new staff members to the core ministry partners and have our elders pray over the staff as a first step in their lives as a part of the new team.

Pastor Tom also gave us some great leadership principles out of Exodus 18 and how Jethro spoke into the life of Moses.  A couple of keys are that Moses received Jethro’s coaching well.  1000’s, 100’s, 50’s, and 10’s will spread the load.  You are not good enough to carry it all.  Help persons find their sweet spot in leading at the level they are best suited.

It was a really good night.

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