Walk Slowly and Carry a BIG Stick OR Walk Slowly Through the Crowd

Being raised in North East Texas there was an underlying principle that seems to have been handed down from generation to generation and I inherited it.

Walk Slowly and Carry a BIG Stick.

Now over the years I’ve learned that carrying a big stick works well in dark alleys and a few country bars I found myself wandering through in the early days; however, it isn’t successful in leading a team. When you carry a big stick you have to determine how high you want to stack them? What I mean by that is that if you carry a big stick there will be people that you run over, and stack in your wake. Over time you will be very lonely. Loneliness isn’t a leadership principle… it is a control principle.

I was reminded yesterday at Impact Leadership Network with my Pastor, Dr. Tom Mullins and John Maxwell of a great leadership principle that works much better.

Walk slowly through the crowd.

You and I know that to lead a team, listening is crucial to the effectiveness of where you are taking the team. The best leaders are listeners.

My first 90 days at Christ Fellowship I am focusing on Listening, Learning, and Loving. I truly believe this will be a healthy move for the team, the organization, and myself.

Couple of thoughts from the talk yesterday.

1. Listening is the Best Way to Learn.

2. Listening Can keep Problems from Escalating.

3. Listening Can Improve The Organization.

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