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Moving from Master Plan to Organic Community- Attractional to Missional

I read “Organic Community” by Joseph Myers again for the 3rd time and it has triggered hundreds of thoughts once again. Who has read this book and what are your learnings?

Chat with Pastor Kerry Mackey everyday through Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s begin a daily chat. You can “follow” me on Twitter and “add as friend” on Facebook. These are my two favorite social media connections. Twitter connection with me. Anyone and everyone can follow my twitters. This is where you can see what I am doing and who I am meeting with throughout the day. […]

Street to the Seat has OVER 100 daily subscribers with several thousand hits a month.

Wanted to share the joy with you. We have over 100 daily subscribers to Street to the Seat with several thousand hits each month. Continue to get the word out. Thanks for being a part of our learning community. Leave a post in the “comment” section so that we can share our learnings together.

“Wired to Desire” – this weekends message at Christ Fellowship

Finishing up our “Wired” series. This weekend we have”Wired to Desire“. This might be an idea for you as you consider getting persons engaged in serving others in your church and community.

Volunteer Central launched out of Wired to Serve, Inspire, and now Desire

Rolling into our 3rd week of “WIRED” we are launching our Volunteer Central on all campuses as a way to continue assisting persons in finding their sweet spot in ministry. Our communications team has put together a great theme which helps tremendously in helping persons take next steps. What are some ways you are using […]

I have a list of potential ministry partners, “volunteers” who signed up at the Ministry Fair, NOW WHAT?

As an update… after last weeks numbers came in we had 1,026 persons step up. That is up from the 850 number I gave you early on. With this past weekends “Wired to Inspire” sermon by Todd and Shaun I am sure we’ll have hundreds more coming forward. The million dollar question, “What do I […]

Wired to Inspire – Part 2.3 (finale)

Todd giving props to his dad,  “COACH”.  Coach is our Senior Pastor Tom Mullins.  He is a servant to the core. Today is the day to step up to the plate and TEST DRIVE a ministry.  If you’d like to join the Christ Fellowship online team.  DO IT. “Do not merely listen to the […]

Wired to Inspire – Part 2.2 (Todd Mullins speaking)

Todd is talking about things we can do to inspire. 4.We Inspire Others When We: * GIVE “Give as freely as you have received!”Matt 10:8 (NLT) Pastors Todd Mullins and Shaun Blakeney Todd is referencing Mother Theresa. Todd is now telling the story of some of our ladies who ministered to Shelia in Fort Pierce, […]

Wired to Inspire – Part 2.1 (Shaun Blakeney speaking)

“God’s various gifts are handed out everywhere;but they all originate in God’s Spirit.God’s various ministries are carried out everywhere;but they all originate in God’s Spirit.God’s various expressions of power are in action everywhere;but God Himself is behind it all.Each person is given something to do that shows who God is:Everyone gets in on it, everyone […]

Wired to Inspire – Part 2 (blogging live our service at

Wired to Inspire – Part 2 is being taught by Pastors Todd Mullins and Shaun Blakeney.  This weekend, Pastor Todd Mullins will continue to teach on the joys of service, and on how your servant’s heart will motivate and change the people around you.  have you been waiting for the inspiration to do God’s work? […]