“The people Jesus misses most” and “Is this what your Jesus told you to do.”

I’ve hi-jacked this phrase from Jim Henderson at Off the Map, “The People Jesus Misses Most“. When I pair that with Matt Casper’s phrase, “Is this what your Jesus told you to do” it causes me focus in on asking questions about creating organic community to use Joseph Myers terminology, that moves persons in the direction of Jesus.

I find myself asking more critical questions about why we do what we do the way we do it. A discussion this past weekend triggered me to ask myself even more questions about topics that Jim, Matt, and Joseph are speaking of.

I was reminded of, “the people Jesus misses most” when I proposed the question to some clergy of how their church might react to someone who enters their church with tattoos and piercings. When the clergy replied, “they wouldn’t be welcome”. Why not, I asked? The clergy replied, “they would feel out of place, our people wouldn’t know how to respond to them and people like that just don’t come to our churches.”

My response was, “then I wouldn’t be made to feel welcome would I, because I have 2 half-sleeve tattoos from my shoulders to my elbows”. You can imagine the facial response. I responded by saying, “Do you get my point”. We have put limits on who we feel comfortable with in our services, how we treat them, and our expectations of them. This goes way beyond tattoos and piercings to persons of different ethic backgrounds, mix race marriages, persons living a different lifestyle, persons with criminal records, and the list goes on.

That begs the question, if we are to focus on, “the people Jesus misses most” – (to clarify, I’m referring to persons who are not moving toward Jesus) – it has nothing to do with piercings or tattoos, then we most ask ourselves the question. Is what we are doing the way we are doing it, “what your Jesus told you to do”?

As you look at the week ahead critically evaluated what you are doing and ask yourself these two questions:

1. Does this address the needs of the people Jesus misses most?

2. Is this what my Jesus told me to do?


  1. Convenience is the arch enemy of obedience and sacrifice. It is must more convenient to stay comfortable and have a church that is more about sameness than one of loving sacrifice and diversity. What I am saying is that most churches are lazy – and take the easy way out instead of doing the hard work of loving people the way that Jesus did.

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