Understanding Church Traditions and the Price of Change

I’ve spent the day with 40 clergy and their parishioners from the Easton Diocese of Maryland teaching the Purpose Driven principles. What a great day of discussion it has been. I love it when the light switch around the purposes turns on.

My learning from the day is that we as churches in the south don’t understand tradition. Tradition in the south is 50 – 150 or so years.

In the Northeast traditions go back 200 – 300 years. In fact, today in my talk one of the churches represented is celebrating 316 years of ministry in 2008.

So when we talk about transitioning churches or parishes we need to be sensitive to tradition. Transitioning a church that is 316 years old is different than planting a church or transitioning a church with less than 50 years of history.

I’d love to poll our readers to find out the age of your churches.

Click on “Comments” below this blog posting and give us the name of your church/parish, city/state, and how old it is.


  1. Marilyn Brenden says:

    My church is Trinity Lutheran Church in Silverton, OR. It will be 116 years old on June 6.

  2. Marilyn, congrats on your churches long standing history. Keep spilling Jesus on folks.

  3. Larry Revert says:

    Trent Church of Christ, Dexter, Oregon 95 years old or young

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