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Pastor Kerry Mackey joins the leadership team at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

We are so excited to share with the Street to the Seat learning community that we have joined the leadership team at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida as the Director of Adult Ministries. We will land there around the 29th of April and our first day in the offices will be May […]

HUGE NEWS is just around the corner from Pastor Kerry Mackey – Stay Tuned!

HUGE NEWS is coming to you via Street to the Seat in the next 72 – 96 hours so don’t go away. This is BIG!

“The people Jesus misses most” and “Is this what your Jesus told you to do.”

I’ve hi-jacked this phrase from Jim Henderson at Off the Map, “The People Jesus Misses Most“. When I pair that with Matt Casper’s phrase, “Is this what your Jesus told you to do” it causes me focus in on asking questions about creating organic community to use Joseph Myers terminology, that moves persons in the […]

Understanding Church Traditions and the Price of Change

I’ve spent the day with 40 clergy and their parishioners from the Easton Diocese of Maryland teaching the Purpose Driven principles. What a great day of discussion it has been. I love it when the light switch around the purposes turns on. My learning from the day is that we as churches in the south […]

Goal of 500 followers on

We’ve set a goal of 500 followers on our Twitter account for this quarter. Follow Street to the Seat

Great clip on “Be Your Own Man”

I loved this worship clip from . Enjoy

Learning About Yourself is Healthy

I’ve just arrived back in Dallas/Fort Worth after being in Florida for a week. Stephanie, the boys, and I had a great time in southern Florida. We can’t wait be back there again. Learned something about myself on the trip. And as you know learning about yourself is very healthy. That is if you take […]

Update from Northridge Park Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas

I just received and email from Pastor David Miracle of Northridge Park in San Antonio, Texas. They have moved on our recommendations and are already seeing the fruits of their labor. Here are a couple of pictures they sent us of their progress. Signage communicating the new parking lot. Updated baseball field. Clean and serviceable […]