The Best $100 Your Church Will Spend in 2008

This will be the best $100 your church will spend in 2008. Doug Slaybaugh and Craig Wiseman came together this year on the back of Craig’s #1 hit song with Tim Nichols for CMT star Tim McGraw to launch, “Live Like You Were Dying“.

Live Like You Were Dying
is not only the name of Tim McGraw’s chart topper, but the name of a great community tool to help your church in 2008.

Living Like You Were Dying Resource (starter) Kit


Starter Kit


Product Description


The Living Like You Were Dying Resource Kit rolls out the game plan for a church-wide campaign that creates turning-point moments by causing thoughtful reflection on what really matters. It combines an award-winning song that touches our deepest longing for meaning, with the timeless truths of God’s Word in a learning experience for the whole church. This 30-day emphasis works because it involves everyone and builds momentum through multiple reinforcements. Learn how! Here’s what is in the resource kit for the introductory price of $99.99.

Introductory DVD – includes interviews with the song writers, Craig Wiseman and Tim Nichols

Campaign Training DVD – easy to follow instructions on how to do a campaign

• 5 Sunday message outlines and transcripts

• 5 Sunday worship service programs – includes recommended songs and video features

Communication tool samples – templates for bulletin inserts, promos, invitation cards, and banners

• Craig Wiseman & Tim Nichols’s book, LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING – with CD featuring the song

Companion book – 20 daily readings, 4 weeks of group discussions

• 4 DVD small group lessons with Gary Smalley

• 4 Sunday School lessons

• 4 Weekly key verses/key tags

Live Like You Were Dying
26012 Marguerite Pkwy , Suite 518
Mission Viejo, CA 92692


  1. Looks like a great tool. It’s a great song, and I love the concept.

  2. Dennis,

    Glad you like the concept. Please feel free to post comments on the LLYWD blog. As part of their team I know they’d love to hear from you.

    Pastor Kerry

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